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Winchester M855 .5.56 NATO Ammunition 820 Round Ammo Can 62 Grain



Buy Winchester M855 .5.56 NATO For Sale

Winchester M855 .5.56 NATO by the contract made the Winchester M855 SS109 Penetrator. But they are designed as a barrier-busting round with superior penetration and excellent ballistic stability in the AR-15 rifle. The load features the 62-grain Green Tip Penetrator bullet, which uses a steel tip up front and a thick copper base. 

The refillable brass case is primed and charged with non-corrosive primer and powder. Our buyers may be able to obtain a limited supply of this high-performance ammunition for our customers. Some patients may have slight dents or blemishes.

The Winchester USA M855 green tip ammunition is loaded to NATO specifications. But it is not designed for commercial bolt action rifles chambered in .223 Remington. Full metal jacket bullets feature a steel core and a green penetrating tip.

Is M855 green tip a NATO round?

In an emergency, the M16 20- or 30-round magazine can also load and fire the M855 bullet. But it measures 2.3 centimeters in length, weighs 62 grams as a projectile, and has a distinguishing green tip. The round is the NATO standard. Not against vehicles but against people and light objects.

What is Winchester M855?

Take your field training and shooting competitions to the next level with this Winchester M855 Full Metal Jacket 62 gr. But this .223 / 5.56 NATO Ammo developed by Winchester is made with high-quality brass cartridge cases and is guaranteed to provide consistent precision with every shot.

What kind of ammo is in a Winchester M855 green tip?

The Winchester 5.56 Full Metal Jacket 62 gr. Centerfire Rifle Ammunition delivers a muzzle velocity of 3,060 ft/s, and bulk ammo options are available for high-volume shooters. Stay on target and dominate the competition using Winchester 5.56x45mm NATO FMJ 62 gr. Winchester M855 green tip is often called “green tip” ammo.


Manufacturer: Winchester
Manufacturer number: GQ3228
820 Rounds of steel ammo can
Built to strict Military Specifications
Bullet type: Green Tipped M855 penetrator FMJ
Grain Weight: 62
Brass case
Boxer primed
Muzzle Velocity: 3160 fps.
Lead core with a mild steel penetrator
Gilding metal jacket
820 Rounds


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