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Walker’s Game Ear Pro Low Profile Earmuffs Black



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These Walker’s Game Ear Pro Low Profile Earmuffs work excellently, and I would gladly recommend them to anyone! A vast difference between wearing regular earmuffs and earplugs… Great fit, works perfectly, and is excellent value for money. These are great all-around hearing protection set.

What is HK G28 Adjustable Stock Upgrade?

The HK G28 adjustable stock upgrade for MR762 and HK417 stocks with the G28 protection tube and G28 castle nut. The G28 stock is fully adjustable for the draw’s length and cheek height. Made in Germany, marked HK and a rare piece to find in the USA. Each stock comes as shown.

What is the Best Brand of Walker’s Low Profile Earmuffs?

The best earmuffs on Amazon, according to hyperenthusiastic reviewers

  • 180s fleece behind-the-head ear flaps.  
  • Taconite winter ear muffs.  
  • Meg unisex foldable ear muffs.  
  • Brook + Bay Women’s Faux Fur Earmuffs.  
  • Bandless ear muffs for men and women.  
  • Atneato unisex ear warmer headband.  
  • Surblue cute animal earmuffs.

How do Walkers Pro Low Profile Folding Earmuffs Work?

Battery-powered electronic ear muffs take advantage of microphones to let in ambient sounds when there is no loud noise. Once the volume is detected, the microphone is instantly attenuated to protect the user. These types of ear muffs are beneficial for shooting sports.

What’s new in Walker’s Xcel Muff series?

The new walker low profile ear muffs series includes four hearing modes: Universal, Speech Clarity Mode, High Frequency, and Power Boost. New ergonomic headband design for maximum comfort at all times. Walker’s RAZOR – “TACTI-GRIP” high-performance silicone composite headband ensures a secure, slip-free fit.

What brand is the walker slim play ear shaver?

Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff Brand Walker’s Game Ear Color Kryptek Camo Model Name Razor Electronic Muff, Kryptek Camo Item Weight 0.05 Kg Material Other

What are the Razor Slim patriot series earmuffs?

The Razor Slim Patriot Series Electronic Earmuffs feature a compact, ultra-low profile design and are available in four color options. The Razor Slim Electronic Earmuffs feature an arrangement and ultra-low profile design. They are available in various color options Designed specifically to fit the smaller heads of youth and female shooters.

Walker’s Game Ear Pro Low Profile Earmuffs Black Specifications and Features:

Walkers Game Ear Pro Low Profile Folding Ear Muff GWP-FPM1
Passive ear protection
Low profile contoured ear cup
Ultra lightweight
Padded headband
Soft PVC ear pads
Compact folding design
Noise Reducing Rating NRR 22 decibels
ANSI S3.19 rated

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