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Lion Gears Quick Detachable Light Weight Rifle Carry Handles



Buy Lion Gears Quick Detachable Light Weight Online

Lion Gears Quick Detachable Light Weight chain is an excellent addition to your gear. The chain is made from lightweight aluminum and is quick and easy to attach and detach from your equipment. The chain is also corrosion-resistant and fits most standard mountain bike gears.

Lion Gears carries a range of handlebar and stem carry handles for your motorcycle. Whether you need a simple handlebar to take the handle for take-off and landing or a more robust carry handle system to support your riding position, Lion Gears has the hold you need.

We also carry a range of stem carry handles to suit your riding needs. Whether you need a small, compact stem, carry handle to take the weight off your wrist, or a more giant, more robust limb carry handle to support your riding position, Lion Gears has the address you need. Sturdy and durable Lion Gears Detachable carry handle the Iron sight.

Best Lion Gears Carry Handle Online

This Lion Gears new design Quick Detachable Light Weight Carry Handle, with Picatinny/weaver mounting platform, has all the features of the traditional M4/AR-15. Transport handles. With precision windage and elevation adjustments, you can tune your scope for your specific rifle and load to shoot accurately in all conditions.

The new base design provides a larger and more comfortable grip space. This site is incredibly lightweight, with the entire carry handle weighing just 5.8 oz. This allows additional accessories to be mounted to the side of the flat top. This device works perfectly with Lion Gears Angled Brackets.

Lion Gears Carry Handle Sight Specs and Features:

  • Manufacturer number: BMCH18
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Picatinny/weaver
  • Mounting Base Length: 6.7″
  • Height: 1.9″
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • one piece design
  • Matte black finish.

Get the Lion Gears quick detachable light rifle carry handles in our online store.


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