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GLOCK 45 For Sale


The higher the Gen the more expensive.


Glock 45 For Sale

The Glock 45 for sale is a 9mm Luger caliber pistol designed and manufactured by Glock. It is a semi-automatic pistol that features a polymer frame and a striker-fired system. The Glock 45 also has a Federal 5.56mm 64 gr XM856 FMJ magazine capacity of 17 rounds, making it an excellent option for self-defence. Buy FN 5.7 For Sale online.

Is the GLOCK 45 a good gun?

The combination of a more extended grip and shorter barrel/slide assembly ensures that it is a well-balanced pistol. The Glock 45 lacks manual safety but features the Safe Action System (SAS), which comprises trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety.

Additional information


Gen3, Gen4, Gen5


10 Rounds, 15 Rounds, 17 Rounds


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