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Bear X Constrictor CDX Crossbow Package



Buy Bear X Constrictor CDX Online


Buy Bear X Constrictor CDX Online Crossbow Scope is compatible with any crossbow with variable speeds from 205 to 430 fps. See your target clearly with the sizeable ultra-clear glass and 1-5 x 24 x 30mm magnification. A 9-position illuminated 20-100 yard reticle adds to the versatility of this scope.

What range does Bear X Constrictor CDX come with?

With the crossbow, you’ll get the following: Illuminated scope (4×32), Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism, Pre-Installed String Dampers, Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads, Ambidextrous Top Mount 5-Arrow Quiver, 3 Bear X Truex Bolts, Rail/String Lube wax, slingshot and cocking rope.

The bear x constrictor cdx Intense crossbow is 10″ wide and 14″ wide open. When locked, the 12.7″ power cylinder delivers an impressive speed of up to 400 feet per second. The Intense comes in two understated models: the TrueTimber Strata and the Veil Stoke.

Where are Bear X bows made?

The CD Bear X Intense is an entry-level crossover. It is costly but very fair. Bear Archery manufactures archery equipment, and they are located in Florida.

What type of kitchen does MeatEater use?

Another person who spends more time in the woods than Steven Rinella is the host of MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel. One thing Rinella never leaves the house with is his Vortex Optics.

What range do I need for elk?

What is the best information for hunting? High magnification and objective lenses allow you to see more light and detail from afar. 20-60×65 and 20-60×80 are good options for hunting.

What is the most accessible elk phone to use?

The Elk 101 Champ (orange) is the easiest to use of the bunch. Cow/meat sounds come with ease from this unique latex phone. This is the perfect tone for beginners to learn or to keep calm and take that bull those last few yards.

What is the fastest and slowest bow?

The Siege RS410 offers shooters comfort while delivering incredible speed with second-rate accuracy at 410 feet per second with the INCLUDED EVO-X CenterPunch16 carbon bullet.

What is the best accessory for hunting?

For many years, the 3-9x variable has been the most popular hunting purchase. There’s a reason for this. The 3x setting provides a great field of view for close-ups, while the 9x magnification is great for shooting deer or elk out to 300 yards.

What is the most accurate bow on the market today?

At this price point, the Killer Instinct is one of the fastest and most accurate bows in the United States today. This is a great entry-level crossbow. Its high speed makes lifting the bow difficult, but it is simple to maintain because it is equipped with a lifting strap.

How long does a bow shoot at 350 fps?

At 20 yards, the average modern crossbow fires a 400-grain bullet at 350 fps with about 100 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. At 100 yards, a 30-06 bullet fired from a modern rifle at nearly 3,000 fps has over a ton of kinetic energy.


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